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Want to see what it's like in foreign lands where the women are exotic, friendly and chase guys like us down the street? We brought our cameras to places like Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, China, and Colombia to show you exactly how WILD these places with exotic women are!!

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Destination: Thailand
Bangkok - Pop 8.6 Million
Bangkok is an urban paradise for single men. This city has it all, from fine restaurants, to hot thai girls, all for very respectable prices. It's very easy to have fun here, especially if you know where to look. We did a great job of uncovering the hot spots and going undercover with our hidden cams to show you what Bangkok nightlife is all about. Enjoy.

Pattaya - Pop 65,000
Pattaya is a small beach town a few hours drive from Bangkok. It is also one of the most fun places a man can go in his lifetime. There are hundreds of beer bars within a few kilometer radius, all packed with thai girls chasing you down the street when you walk by. There is nothing like it on Earth. We had a spectacular time here. The footage speaks for itself. Check it out inside!

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Warren's Subic Bay
Warren is an expert in bars, ugly women and good jokes. The guy ran a similar website from his old home in Singapore. Now, he is based in Subic for a few years, already. He frequents many bars, watering holes and restaurants in this new punting destination on the West Cost of Luzon Island. While his site caters to the local expat community it does provide great input for new visitors. Always good to know the ropes before arriving. Thanks Warren for a lovely addition to our bookmarks.

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Indo Sex Diary
This motherfucka is crazy. Online diary of a European or American tourist in Jakarta. He visits brothels and health centers for recruitment of porn actresses. They participate in rather mechanical hardcore movies and that's it. The nice thing, it's a pretty good documentation about what kind of performances to expect from Jakarta sex workers. Some do pretty well, while others are just Okay. Worthwhile watching. Just don't join the paysite. You don't even want that guy to make money off of hookers, don't you.

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Terma Centaurus Review

My first trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was back in August 2000. I was a day trader at the time, and the stock market had just gone through a rough spring and summer. My friend and trading buddy Luis and I needed a break from the market and decided to take a spontaneous trip to somewhere far and exotic. The market had been good to us so money was not an issue. We literally spun the globe I had in my office and decided we would go to whichever country my finger landed on. In hindsight I realize how lucky we were that the globe stopped on Brazil! Sure everyone has heard of Brazil in the famous carnival in Rio and the women in thong bikinis along the beaches there.

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Club Help in Rio de Janeiro

On a recent trip to Rio, one of our most memorable experiences came from a night out at Club Help. Right now I don’t recall whether we were at Monte Carlo (the terma) or SambaSchool or what. I do remember it was late – but not too late. Help doesn’t close til 6:00 a.m. It’s difficult to just go to your hotel room alone when you are in Rio. Why? because you never have to.

So anyway, we decided to head over to Help, just to see what our prospects looked like. We weren’t there long when a cutie named Viviana started flirting with my boy. She had a big ole ass (all kinds of junk in the trunk – shit wouldn’t close) and my boy is a real sucker for big asses. Viviana had a little petite friend with her named Gabriele, but I wasn’t really interested. She didn’t look as beautiful as some of the women you see in Rio, but she was cute and had a nice little body. She flirted with me a little, but I sort of dismissed her.

Meanwhile Viviana was doing some work on my boy G. She had is nostrils wide open. She started grinding her big ass against him and it was over. After about 15 minutes he was like, “I’m out” and was ready to leave. He suggested that I bring Gabriele back to the hotel with us. Somewhat reluctantly I went along with it and we left the club.

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Ticas of Costa Rica

A few years back when I lived in New York, my friend Andy invited me down to Costa Rica for a week long trip. The plan was to start off in San Jose, the land-locked capital of Costa Rica, then head to the west coast to a small surfer town called Dominical. His parents had just purchased 5 acres or “hectors” of land up on a hillside over looking the Pacific Ocean so this was an excuse to go down and have a look for ourselves. Having never been to Central America, or ANY Latin American destination before, I gladly accepted the invite with no idea what to expect in the way of women, sex and adventure.

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Chinese Girls of Kowloon

We arrived in Hong Kong in early December 2004 ready to end our trip with a bang. None of us had ever been here before so we were all in for a surprise, no matter what. When landed at Hong Kong International on a flight from Manila early in the evening. We took the forty five minute long cab ride into the city and settled in at the Wharney Hotel in the Wanchai area of town.

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Dominican Girls

Introduction to Dominican Girls and the Dominican Republic in General. Prior to my visit, I had heard varying reports on the Dominican Republic . Some, I heard, didn't think the quality of the women was very good. Others coined the island nation “Little Brazil”, so I wanted to see for myself what this place called “the DR” was all about. Back a few months ago, a bunch of my friends visited, but I was unable to go. When they returned, they were sending emails to each other left and right, of course including me, touting how much fun they had. Part of the reason they enjoyed themselves so much was that this trip was a college reunion of sorts. Not to say that the women weren't great, but it was the laughing, ribbing and joking – the camaraderie – that made the trip. After hearing all of the hoopla about their shenanigans, I pledged that I would make the next trip no matter what. » More
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Drive In Brothels
Street walkers used to be picked up by their customers inside their cars, then driven to public parking lots where they conducted business. It has been insecure for them and a public outrage as by-passers were offended by what they saw. Now, authorities have opened a carpark for prostitutes and their driving customers that shields their activities from preying, veuyeuristic eyes and provides for safety and comfort. The act still takes place inside a car lacking comfort an hygiene, though.

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Pornography in Colombia
It's not too long ago that the government legalized pornography in Colombia. Medellin and Cali have become strongholds of erotic businesses like webcam studios and movie productions. This new website Real Porn Life follows a couple during their daily routine of finding talent, conduction of castings, shooting photos and movie productions. From the looks of it many women are also working the sheets with punters as prepagos and escorts. Interesting to watch.

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