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Prostitution in Russia

Before traveling to en expensive city on the World circuit like Moscow, it is well advised to check out Russian hooker reports on online sexguides. It's free information that provides information of value.
Moscow Hooker Guide
Some very old accounts from sex tourists and sleazy sexpats who have spent time on exploiting the commercial sex workers in Russian whorehouses, sex clubs, saunas and freelancer pickup spots. Read their experiences blow by blow and decide where to find a Moscow cunt for your pleasure.
Moscow Sex Guide
Directory of sex in Moscow and nude photos of sexy Russian girls. It's a start item to find many Moscow related prostitution, sex clubs and porn sites. You could also use Yahoo or Yandex and search for 'Moscow whores'. I think this sites needs some updates with more resources soon.

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Chinese Girls of Kowloon

We arrived in Hong Kong in early December 2004 ready to end our trip with a bang. None of us had ever been here before so we were all in for a surprise, no matter what. When landed at Hong Kong International on a flight from Manila early in the evening. We took the forty five minute long cab ride into the city and settled in at the Wharney Hotel in the Wanchai area of town.

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Dominican Girls

Introduction to Dominican Girls and the Dominican Republic in General. Prior to my visit, I had heard varying reports on the Dominican Republic . Some, I heard, didn't think the quality of the women was very good. Others coined the island nation “Little Brazil”, so I wanted to see for myself what this place called “the DR” was all about. Back a few months ago, a bunch of my friends visited, but I was unable to go. When they returned, they were sending emails to each other left and right, of course including me, touting how much fun they had. Part of the reason they enjoyed themselves so much was that this trip was a college reunion of sorts. Not to say that the women weren't great, but it was the laughing, ribbing and joking – the camaraderie – that made the trip. After hearing all of the hoopla about their shenanigans, I pledged that I would make the next trip no matter what. » More
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Drive In Brothels
Street walkers used to be picked up by their customers inside their cars, then driven to public parking lots where they conducted business. It has been insecure for them and a public outrage as by-passers were offended by what they saw. Now, authorities have opened a carpark for prostitutes and their driving customers that shields their activities from preying, veuyeuristic eyes and provides for safety and comfort. The act still takes place inside a car lacking comfort an hygiene, though.

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Pornography in Colombia
It's not too long ago that the government legalized pornography in Colombia. Medellin and Cali have become strongholds of erotic businesses like webcam studios and movie productions. This new website Real Porn Life follows a couple during their daily routine of finding talent, conduction of castings, shooting photos and movie productions. From the looks of it many women are also working the sheets with punters as prepagos and escorts. Interesting to watch.

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Raids in Angeles City

Many airlines stopped flying to Clark airport. Why? The Philippine government follows radical steps into eliminating prostitution from Angeles City. Many tourists who came to Angeles for barhopping and party, but they are left with fear of being arrested while drinking a beer in a legal Filipino restaurant. The recent change of course has been implemented by the fundamentally flawed idea all sex work is human trafficking - even worse: talking about sex is considered human trafficking. Freedom of speech or freedom of being able to chose your own profession are no longer civil liberties.

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Hong Kong Sex Diary
An introduction to sex movies with Hong Kong prostitutes. Those women are neither upscale Kowloon escorts nor casual one-night stands with shopping mall acquaintances as the intro suggest. The girls taking part in this questionable activity are freelancers from Wanchai discos, bars and sex workers from Lockhard Road. They are of multiple ethnic origin, many of whom are Filipina or Thai. Still, it's a nice sampler of available talent. The action suggest you can find great sex with Wanchai hookers and some are rather boring and machanical. YMMV.

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Asian Sexdiary
Filipina whore are not just to be barfined in bars out of Angeles City and EDSA complex in Manila. Hooker from the Philippines travel all over the world to look for work. John Tron is dedicated to finding Asian babes from Pilipinas and document their sex performances online. He has found them in Macau hotels, Hong Kong discotheques and various watering holes around Southeast Asia. They are even found in Asian-exclusive brothels in Holland, Great Britain and New York. Mabuhay and pepek ni Pinay (Cheers to Filipina pussy).

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Latina Sex Reviews
Possibly one of the most honest review sites about Latin women getting involved in nude pictorials and amateur porn. Paysite reviews include Toticos and Met Art's Asian section. Obviously, it's based on opinion and experience, but standards seem to be high and reviewer was used to be an experienced content producer who has shot nude pictorials in Brazil, Argentina and Chile before. It's interesting to see his perspective.

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Frequent Sex Search

Looking at stats of my little hooker blog makes me curious. What are guys looking for when conducting internet research for hookers? Let's just look ate the last hour. One guy from Sweden is looking for "Helsinki airport sex". I did not know they had hookers close to airports in Finland, but I wish him good luck. Next was "appartament to rent for escort in dortmund". Obviously some pimp was looking to accommodates her kittens in Germany during Bundesliga matches or Champions League top games. Possibly to blackmail football officials into manipulating soccer games with Dortmund hookers?

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