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Belgrano Escort

Link: http://www.belgranoescort.com.ar/

Belgrano Escort - closed
This domain is actually the website of an intimate private North Buenos Aires brothel in Belgrano located close to it's famous main road Cabildo Avedida. Of course you can have the girls sent to your Belgrano home or Palermo hotel.

Extasis Private
An intimate whorehouse in the best part of the Argentinian capital called Palermo. That's where rich and intellectual people like to hang out in outdoor cafes around Plaza Salerno.

La Casona
Secluded Belgrano bordello in the North of Buenos Aires close to the provincial border. It's much cheaper fun compared to Microcentro and Puerto Madero and also a lot cheaper. Of course, girls are more average looking, but service is good for Belgrano scene!

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