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Club Help in Rio de Janeiro

On a recent trip to Rio, one of our most memorable experiences came from a night out at Club Help. Right now I don’t recall whether we were at Monte Carlo (the terma) or SambaSchool or what. I do remember it was late – but not too late. Help doesn’t close til 6:00 a.m. It’s difficult to just go to your hotel room alone when you are in Rio. Why? because you never have to.

So anyway, we decided to head over to Help, just to see what our prospects looked like. We weren’t there long when a cutie named Viviana started flirting with my boy. She had a big ole ass (all kinds of junk in the trunk – shit wouldn’t close) and my boy is a real sucker for big asses. Viviana had a little petite friend with her named Gabriele, but I wasn’t really interested. She didn’t look as beautiful as some of the women you see in Rio, but she was cute and had a nice little body. She flirted with me a little, but I sort of dismissed her.

Meanwhile Viviana was doing some work on my boy G. She had is nostrils wide open. She started grinding her big ass against him and it was over. After about 15 minutes he was like, “I’m out” and was ready to leave. He suggested that I bring Gabriele back to the hotel with us. Somewhat reluctantly I went along with it and we left the club.

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Brazil Girl Finder
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Rio Escorts

Rio Escort Sites
Small index of Rio escort online addresses with short descriptions. This list reflects escort service agencies and escort malls with acompanhantes photos. However, you will find the same resources on our own Rio list for World Sex Brazil. You are just looking at it :-P
Destack Girls
Many links and photos to and of many Rio agencies and Copacabana freelancers. This escort mall looks at bit wild at first look, but there are some nice finds if you care to look around and hang on to the page of Destack Girls.

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Rio Escort Reports

Day 1: Me and my friends (7 others) visited Rio for vacation. I Flew out of Miami to Rio (10 hr flight thru Air Varig). Made sure I got on an overnight flight, so I could sleep most of the way. got there by morning time. I have read many of the posts 2wks prior to arriving, so I kinda knew what to expect as far the women goes, aside most of my buddies came back in 2004 when the exchange rate was 3:1. First couple of hours we got settled in at the apartment along the strip and went and got the money exchanged (2.19% was the going rate, but we got it changed for 2.14%) to buy drinks.

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