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Terma Centaurus Review

My first trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was back in August 2000. I was a day trader at the time, and the stock market had just gone through a rough spring and summer. My friend and trading buddy Luis and I needed a break from the market and decided to take a spontaneous trip to somewhere far and exotic. The market had been good to us so money was not an issue. We literally spun the globe I had in my office and decided we would go to whichever country my finger landed on. In hindsight I realize how lucky we were that the globe stopped on Brazil! Sure everyone has heard of Brazil in the famous carnival in Rio and the women in thong bikinis along the beaches there.

But those almost seemed like rumors to us since we had never been, nor had we ever met anyone who had ever been. So we decided to look up whatever info we could on Rio and liked what we found. The next day we went to the El Corte Ingles travel agency to speak with their Brazil specialist about the trip we were planning. Ruben took good care of us and even suggested we travel up north to Salvador, which is in the state of Bahia. We booked a couple of tickets the next day and were off to Rio de Janeiro for 3 weeks.

Well the flight was 9 hours from Miami, but relatively smooth. We were so excited to be in Rio that we didn’t bother sleeping despite the fact that neither of us got a wink of shuteye on the overnight flight. We got a hotel just off the beach, in between Copacabana and Ipanema. Not the greatest spot it turned out, but no worries, we were in Rio right? Since it was the middle of the afternoon, we checked in and headed over to the nearest beach, which was Copacabana Beach and ate at Havana one of the many outdoor cafes along Avenida Atlantico and soaked up the sights. We happened to sit next to a group of tourists and heard them talking about a place called Centaurus. Apparently they had been there the day before and could not stop raving about the place to their friend, who seemed to have missed the action. So after shooting the shit for a few hours, we decided it was time to get into some action ourselves. We hopped in a cab and my friend Luis asked the cabbie if he knew of a place called “Centaurus”. He had indeed heard of it and took us there. The cab ride was short as Centaurus is located on a street, which is in between Ipanema and Copacabana.

We hardly even noticed the sign above the entrance; all we saw was a guy sitting outside the front door underneath an awning. He nodded us in and we proceeded to enter what would later become one of my favorite places on the face of the earth!!

Here’s how it went down: We entered and the first thing you do is pay at the counter in the lobby. There is a small lounge area in the lobby with about 7 or 8 beautiful scantily clad garotas hanging out and looking at us like we were dinner. I LOVE THIS PLACE ALREADY!! So we paid the admission fee, which included complete unlimited use of the facilities, (sauna steam room, jacuzzi, exercise equipment, showers and massage tables) and a 45-minute session with any woman you choose. All this came to 300 Reais, about $150 US (at that time since the exchange rate was about 1.9 Reais to the dollar) So a few of the girls that were sitting in the lounge area escorted us into a locker room area where we were given a key that wraps around the wrist via some kind of rubber band bracelet. Then we were told to take our clothes off and change into robes. This seemed a bit funny but hey, who were we to complain, we were in Rio!!! We put on the robes and flip flop sandals and followed our escorts up the stairs. Both Luis’s escorts and mine were about 7s with nice bodies. But I had a feeling I would see something I liked much better once we got to wherever the hell she was taking us. After the second short flight of stairs we heard music coming from the club area. We entered the double doors and what we saw I will never forget. We stepped into what must have been a glimpse into heaven. There were at least 50 to 60 bangin’ ass Brazilian women wearing heels, and the tightest white stretch pants I’ve ever seen with bikini tops. These women are all blessed with bundas straight out of a Buttman video, which is my favorite thing in the world, so I literally feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Unreal! Words cannot describe what this is like but I’ll try. They were all dancing and flirting with the other guys in white robes until we walked in. Now both my friend Luis and I are good-looking guys. We are both about 6 foot 1 and in decent shape. He is Puerto Rican and I’m black. The women were looking at us the way guys stare at the finest woman at the club when she walks by. What an incredible feeling this is. To have perfect 10s looking you up and down and licking their chops like you are a steak dinner. I had to tell my escort to find me a seat quickly because I was already made of blue steel and we had only been there for a few minutes. She offered to get me a drink and surprisingly did not want one of her own when I offered. That would NEVER happen in a strip club here in the US. She comes back with the drink and Luis and I are just stunned at the pure quantity and quality of the women surrounding us. We had truly never seen anything like this in our lives. So while we are sitting there enjoying our drinks, my girl starts rubbing my leg and eventually makes it up to the wood. She starts stroking my piece right there, in the middle of the club, then she sticks her tongue down my throat!! I wondered what Luis was thinking about this and when I turned around, his girl had already attacked him also. At this point I’m already prepared to call and have all my stuff shipped down to Brazil…I’m moving to RIO!!!!!!

So the stroking and kissing and drinking goes on for a good 30 minutes or so. But since it seemed like anything goes in the place, I decided to get up and have a look around. Like I said, my escort was cool, but I knew I would see other women that I’d be interested in. So on my way over to the bar, I noticed this delicious little 19-year-old brunette with the most beautiful face in the club. Unreal!! Now I usually prefer women who are a bit thicker with a nice round ass, nice legs and some curves. Luis prefers them petite. So this girl was petite but I didn’t care at all. I asked her to join us for a drink and she agreed. I had the new girl on my left, and the girl who escorted me up the stairs on the right, and both of them seemed to know exactly what to do. They both put their hands inside my robe and began stroking the rod while one had her tongue in my ear, and the other was kissing my neck and darting her tongue inside and out of my mouth. Holy shit, neither Luis nor myself can take this anymore so we told the girls we wanted a room. He was happy with his escort, and I was requesting both girls together for a 3 some. My first 3 some ever!!!

We waited in the waiting area, where the massage tables are. A few minutes later, when the girls had finished securing the room, and showering the girls came back and we followed them upstairs where the private ‘cabinas’ are. So I bid my friend farewell and head into the private room with these two sex-starved garotas. He seemed to be in good hands also, judging by the look of excitement she had on her face. My guess is that these women are stuck with old, bald, fat guys all the time, so when they get a chance to hand with a couple of young attractive guys, they are almost as excited as we are about it. Anyway, once the door was shut, I pulled both of the girls up to me, one on each side and began tonguing them both down. They didn’t hesitate to pull my robe off and the escort dropped to her knees and began slobbing the knob. Unbelievable!!! I love RIO!!!! The other one had her tongue down my throat for a while before they both switched positions. Then they shoved me onto the bed and began sucking my dick at the same time, I felt like a porn star. One was licking my balls while the other was trying to swallow the shaft. Then I pulled the cute, petite one onto my face into a 69 position. We spent the next 10 minutes or so in this position, I’m eating ass and pussy while getting the knob slobbed simultaneously by these two sex goddesses. The escort got up and came back with a condom and slipped it on. She hopped on top and started riding me hard. The 19 year old was still sitting on my face , so now the two girls are both on top of me facing each other. And wouldn’t you know it? They started French-kissing each other. Caressing each other’s tits, the whole nine yards. The sight of this alone made me want to bust a nut so I had to stop for a minute and conserve the nut blast for later. I stayed on my back and had the cutie pie riding the dick while the other sat on my face, this time facing the other way. She was sliding her ass and pussy all over my face, nasty just the way I like it. Meanwhile the other one was grinding all over my dick and brought herself to orgasm. Great! I didn’t even have to work that hard to make her come. Shit like this only happens in Brazil I think. These women truly love their jobs. Anyway, so I had to push her off of me because once more, I was on the verge of coming and did not want to blow the wad just yet. So I stood them both up near the edge of the bed and bent them both over. I entered the escort from behind and was fingering the other at the same time. Looking at both of these asses at the same time, perched high in the air just for me was a bit much. So needless to say I busted a fat nut on both of their backs after about 5 minutes of this. Like I said, I’m a Butt man so that position just did it for me. Usually I’m a marathon man, just wearing out the pussy until they ask me to stop. See my philosophy on fucking is the same as eating. If I have a good meal in front of me, I want to savor the taste as long as possible. But this was too much to take, so I busted after about 20-25 minutes. Man oh man, I can’t think of a better way to begin a vacation than this.

I hopped into the shower with both the girls and hung out in the room with them for a few minutes before heading back downstairs to see how Luis was doing. He was already downstairs with a huge smile on his face. We just looked at each other and busted out laughing at how ridiculous this whole thing is. We are beside ourselves with joy and just chilling downstairs in the dance floor area where all the guys in white robes and bangin ass women are hanging out. It was a few hours later now so the dance floor was getting more crowded with both girls and guys. Luis was still hanging pretty strong with his girl, the escort, while I was just pounding drinks and having fun looking at all the eye candy around me. All the while girls are coming by and flirting with me. I didn’t take too many of them seriously since I had literally just busted a phat nut and had not built up a second nut, nor was I planning to. We must have been hanging downstairs for about two hours just mingling, talking, flirting, and kissing other girls downstairs. My boy Luis and his girl are pretty much glued to each over at the bar area. So I decided to head over to the dance floor because I could have sworn I just saw the most beautiful woman I had seen in years across the dance floor. She was dancing with a friend of hers and they both had the most perfect asses I had ever seen. I know about nice asses, I live in Miami so we have our share of women with nice asses, but this was some next-level type of shit. These girls stepped out of one of my dreams and over to where I was standing on the dance floor and Jennifer, the 10, were on my right and the other on my left. They introduced themselves, although I forgot the other ones name, and began tounging me down! I’m like Holy shit.!! I can’t believe this shit is happening again. I’m instantly hard as a rock all over again. I’m squeezing on the booties and French kissing both of them, one after the other in the middle of the dance floor. I didn’t care who was looking; all I knew is that I felt like a superstar. Where else to perfect 10s walk up and shove their tongues down your throat? So my friend Luis is completely blown away by this because he noticed them too but was too busy hanging with his other chick. So once he saw me, he ditched her and was like “yo man, cmon, can we tag team these two?” A great man once said, “It aint no fun if the homies cant have none” so I said sure and we told them we wanted a suite where we could all get down. Since the place was starting to fill up, we had to wait about 20 minutes for a room this time around, but when we got it, it was well worth it. We headed to a private room and it was on!

I was getting a bobo from one while Luis was handing his business with Jennifer, then we switched and it was on. Foreplay didn’t last long, cuz these honies are too fine for words. I had Jennifer doggie style on the bed while Luis had her friend in the same position and right next to me. We couldn’t get over how much of a trip this was. Here we are, smashing the two baddest babes in the joint., and tag teaming at that!!! Completely off the hook.

So after the doggie style, we switched up a few more times. Unfortunately I lost the woody due to complications with the condom, (I hate condoms) and for the fact that I had just busted a huge nut a few hours before that. (If only I had viagra, I would have been unstoppable!) So I went in the shower with the other babe and she finished me off, while Luis was handling business with Jennifer in the bedroom. Unreal..this was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I LOVE RIO!!!

Centaurus is like a Vegas Casino. There are no clocks in the place. We left at 2am, having arrived at 3:30pm, we were there for 10 ½ hours!! Time has never passed so fast in my life. We spent the entire day inside a terma! So needless to say, we were exhausted after all that smashing, so we headed back to the hotel and crashed. Not a bad way to start the trip though. Review by Dagger.

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