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Introduction to Dominican Girls and the Dominican Republic in General. Prior to my visit, I had heard varying reports on the Dominican Republic . Some, I heard, didn't think the quality of the women was very good. Others coined the island nation “Little Brazil”, so I wanted to see for myself what this place called “the DR” was all about. Back a few months ago, a bunch of my friends visited, but I was unable to go. When they returned, they were sending emails to each other left and right, of course including me, touting how much fun they had. Part of the reason they enjoyed themselves so much was that this trip was a college reunion of sorts. Not to say that the women weren't great, but it was the laughing, ribbing and joking – the camaraderie – that made the trip. After hearing all of the hoopla about their shenanigans, I pledged that I would make the next trip no matter what. Well, as it turns out, I didn't have to wait very long. Two of my friends are DR fanatics, so I was making my reservations just a few weeks later. Although I was primarily going to hang out with my friends, given our business here at Euphoric Productions, I also wanted to provide a little teaser for you fraternity brothers that may be interested in getting a feel for what it's like in the MFDR (that's mutha fuckin DR, which of course is a term of endearment). Keep in mind that this is just a teaser that covers only two days in Boca Chica (BC) and two days in Santo Domingo (SD), and that we plan to return for a full fledged trip with naked girls, crazy parties, boats trips and all of the normal fun that we have on our adventures. When we go back, we will revisit BC and SD in the south, but also hit Sosua and Puerto Plata in the north, and perhaps some other places, so stay tuned. Now, let's get right to it. Boca Chica Day 1 When I arrived in DR at the Santo Domingo airport, I grabbed my bags and made my way through customs without a hitch. I always enjoy arriving in a foreign country – it gives me a sense of excitement, freedom and adventure. When I went through the customs exit, there was Petteri, from Hotel Residencial El Candil , waiting for me with a sign that had my name on it (I always like that). The El Candil was the hotel where my friends stayed previously and of course it is single male friendly. The hotel provides transportation to and from the airport gratis, which is always good. Boca Chica was only about 15 minutes or so away from the airport, and once we arrived, Petteri quickly drove me around to give me the lay of the land. Now don't blink, or you may miss Boca Chica. It is very small (I don't recall seeing any traffic lights), so our driving tour took all of five minutes. Almost everything is on or near Duarte Street , which is only a few hundred yards (meters) long. Petteri pointed out a few restaurants, bars and clubs and then circled back to the hotel. The hotel was very clean and well maintained. I spent $50 per night, but there are rooms available for $40 and maybe even a few dollars less when paying cash. My room had two rooms: a lounge area and a bedroom. The premises of the hotel are immaculate and the hotel staff is very friendly and helpful. A Look at Boca by Day After checking in, I was pretty excited to see what Boca Chica had to offer. I was expecting my friends within the hour, but in the meantime I thought I would walk around a bit. Right across the street from the hotel was a casa called The Pink House (Casa Rosada) . I went to Duarte Street briefly, wandered around a little more and then went back to the hotel to meet my friends AG and BK. Brothels (Casas) of Boca Chica After a few minutes of catching up, we decided to check out a few of the casas. We wanted to see which one had the best looking girls. First, we went across the street to the Pink House and saw a couple of cuties there. Then, we went to Salon Blanca, which actually had some pretty nice looking cuties (see hidden camera footage). Of course we weren't satisfied, so we left to head over to La Sala Cafe. Now the whole time we are walking around, my friend BK is talking about a crazy girl that he had met on his previous trip and how much she loved him. He was saying how he was going to avoid her at all costs, but was worried that she would see him and cause trouble. Well, I guess he cursed himself because as we were coming out of Salon Blanca, she rode by on the back of a small motorcycle (which by the way serve as taxis in Boca Chica). As she rode by, he said “shit, that's Tat ian a and she saw me” (hahahaha). I could only laugh. So she has the motorcycle turn around and there she is. Now this is a girl that got really jealous and caused a bunch of problems for my friend before, so he has a choice to either just leave her and rid himself of her forever or take her back to the hotel. Which do you think he chose? Right, so now it was just me and AG. We went over to La Sala Cafe and there were only a few girls. Keep in mind that this was mid-afternoon, so a lot of the girls aren't around until the evening. There were three girls getting ready for one of the girl's birthday (Monica). Monica was cute, black with medium brown skin, about 5'6” and had a very nice ass. She kept flirting and making us blow up balloons for her birthday party. There was also this little cutie named Wanda, who was a white blonde, about 5'4” and had a below average body. She wasn't fat, but she was soft – a little flabby. The key attraction for me however, was her tongue ring. You gotta love a girl with a tongue ring. I consider this to be a key indicator of how wild a girl is. So after hanging around, talking to the girls and blowing up damn balloons, I was suggesting we go back to Salon Blanca, but AG was really into Monica. After a little back and forth, he finally decided to take her back to the hotel. Well rather than go back to Salon Blanca by myself, I decided to test whether my theory was right about Wanda and her tongue ring, and whether she could put it to good use. When we got back to the hotel, she jumped in the shower and I followed. After the showers, we went at, but I was a little disappointed with our session. I primarily attribute her lack luster performance to inexperience. She just didn't seem to know what she was doing. That said, I am a firm believer in “even the worst ass is still good”, and this was no exception. Boca Chica By Night After Wanda left, I hit the shower and linked up with my friend AG who still had Monica in tow. We decided to head down to Duarte to get something to eat before we geared up for the night's activities. We ate at pretty decent spot. I had pizza, steak, beans and rice for around $8. Monica had a pretty good dish of seafood and pasta. When we finished dinner, AG walked Monica back to La Sala and I went back to the hotel. We said he would stop by when he got back, but I guess he got side tracked (I wonder why?). A couple of hours later, I found out that he and BK had picked up a couple of girls from The Pink House and had a twosome – the bastards. The thing was, he picked up the girl that I pointed out to him, with a nice ass, from when we were there earlier. Hmmmm, I wonder if there is a connection with him blowing me off (hahaha). So when we finally connected again, our plan was to go to the club (discoteca) called Cosmos , but it was still early (around 9 or 10:00pm ) so we went back over to La Sala. This time, there were probably 10-12 girls. Two of the girls looked like sisters and were 8 and 8+, respectively. Now here is the dilemma (as always), do I go with one of the sisters, or do I go to Cosmos, since I had never been and wanted to at least see what it had to offer. Of course, I decide to go to Cosmos and AG said he would meet me there later. Cosmos is on Duarte and at night, the street is closed to traffic, so there are tables and chairs in the middle of the street with people eating and drinking. So there are lots of girls that I am checking out, outside of Cosmos and at the bar, Zanzibar next door. Inside Cosmos, the ratio of women to men was about 5 to 1 maybe 6 to 1. I would say the average girls was about 4 or 5. There were a couple of 8s and a few 7s. By the way, most of the women in Boca Chica are black, but there are some mixed and a few whites. In fact, I saw one girl who looked like she was black and As ian Ind ian . She was awesome, but unfortunately with a guy. I'm a sucker for both American and Asian Indians. I hung out for a few minutes, drank my beer that came with my cover charge and flirted with a few of the girls. AG finally came and we talked to a lot more girls. Actually, he did most of the talking and I only added a word or two, given my crude Spanish. Unfortunately, I didn't see any girls that I liked better than the two sisters at La Sala, so I told him I was heading back there. When I got back to La Sala, only one of the girls was there and when I tried talking to her, she tried to push one of her friends on me. I took that to mean that either she didn't like me or she had somewhere else to be. Since her friend was no better than anyone at Cosmos, I quickly went back over to rejoin AG. Keep in mind, Boca Chica is tiny, so everything is within walking distance. The hotel is 5 minutes walk from La Sala and La Sala is 5 minutes from Cosmos, so it's no big deal to go between them or anywhere else for that matter. When I get back to Cosmos, AG is talking to a very pretty girl with a nice body. She had brown skin, long hair and was about 5'9” or so. I was impressed. I personally had my eye on this girl Mona [there is hidden cam footage of her and AG's girl I took pictures while wearing the hidden cam] who looked sort of Spanish, with maybe a tiny bit of black mixed in. She caught my eye when she was dancing. She had a lot of energy and was moving in that sexy, gyrating way that brings up visions of how wild she would be in bed. I use the way a girl dances as a proxy for how good the ass will be. So after I catch eye contact with her a couple of times, she comes over, we have a drink and then we head back to the hotel. Domincan Girls of Boca Chica - Day 2 Boca Chica Beach Action The next morning, we got up and AG and I decided to go for a run down on the beach. When we got back, we caught up with BK, ate breakfast at the hotel and decided to head to the beach. We met a pretty cool guy named Alex when we got to the beach. Alex hooked us up with a few chairs and an umbrella and we drank, relaxed and watched girls, which is one of my favorite pastimes. Of course there were tons of Dominicans trying to sell us stuff. After a couple of them came by, I introduced my friends to the “sleep tactic” I developed while in Brazil . Make sure you try this because not only does it work, but it's also funny as hell. Whenever someone approaches to sell you something, you doze off to sleep (make sure you hold on to your valuables, hahahaha). When they can't talk to you and they don't want to wake you, they just move along. My friends were laughing and calling me crazy, but after them saying “no”, “no thank you”, all day, they became believers. We will make sure we film this technique on our next trip, so you can see how effective it is. After a while, I decided to take a walk on the beach to see if there was any more talent further up the beach, and when I came back, I saw my friends getting massages, and AG was getting a manicure and pedicure. He said that the women who walked by saw his dogs (feet) and demanded that he get a pedicure. She said she would do it for free if she had to, that's how horrible his feet were. I saw toe nails and skin flying everywhere – shit made me cringe. Naked Dominican Girl caught on camera! Rosa Perez. After spending most of the day at the beach, we were starving and decided to get some food from a restaurant Petteri recommended. We got chicken, beef, beans, rice, salad and plantains family style and the food was very good. We spent about $25-30 for a meal that would easily cost $60-75 in the US . It was still pretty early, around 6:00pm , when were finished our meal, which was a late lunch, early dinner. After stuffing ourselves, we rolled back to the hotel to relax before heading out for another night of hedonism. I was in my room when BK came by and said he had a girl named Rosa for me that he new from his previous trip. She was walking by the hotel and he grabbed her and brought her to his room. She was very energetic and freaky as hell. She is one of those girls that make you daydream, reflecting on the experience. After Rosa left, I took a shower and met up with BK. AG had a date with Talia and said he would catch up with us later. Meanwhile, BK was on a mission to hook up with a girl Equetia from his previous trip and we were supposed to meet her down on Duarte , so we made our way there. On the way, BK ran into another one of his girls. He bought her a drink as a bribe so that he could continue on his quest for Equetia. We finally met up with her at Zanzibar and while they had drinks, I went into Cosmos. Inside Cosmos, I saw a tall, lean girl that I had seen the night before. She had long hair and cocoa colored skin. She was beautiful with a petite, round ass – the kind that fits nicely into both hands. After talking to her for a while, we left the club, jumped on a couple of motorcycle taxis and headed straight for the hotel. She was pretty awesome, which made Day 2 even better, but I'm looking forward to Santo Domingo.
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