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China Girl Finder
Hot single Chinese girls present their images (some contain nudity) and short profiles with the intent to find guys for casual dates and wild sex. This database is geared towards adults engaging in carnal escapades.

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Chinese Escorts

Most Beijing escort and Shanghai escort agencies do have a very short shelf life as internet censorship takes it's tall on erotic services offered online. That's why a lot of Chinese girls post ads on erotic advertisement platforms hosted outside of China like expatriats escort personals and Erotic services on Craigslist for Beijing Escorts and female Shanghai callgirls. You may also check the personal contacts section of Craigslists to find casual contacts with Chinese women.
Escort China
4 female Beijing escorts as well as ladies from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen, Nanjing and Hangzhou.

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Prostitution in China

See what the World Sex Archives write about the commercial sex scene in Hainan Island, Chonggoing, Beijing and Shengdu as well as the massage girls from Shanghai. These are some older tidbits. The forum contains many fresh articles and discussions about sex in China, but your need a password for full access to World Sex Archives.

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18 Sauna Macau

The 18 Sauna inside Macau's Golden Dragon Casino is one of the most famous Chinese brothels. Women from China and all over Asia work here in a luxury setting. Standards are high and providers are encouraged to provide good service for high paying customers.

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Sex and Shanghai
A western English teacher writes about sex, prostitution and Chinese women in Shanghai. A great read for fans of Chinese women. The blogger ChinaBounder has sparked a lot of criticism and hate among Chinese men for his explicit blog blackening the reputation of China.
Shanghaiist Sex Archives
Sex blog archive with funny and serious sex news from Shanghai. They have a vast amount of comments about the Edison Chen sex scandal online.

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Barber Shop Shenhzen

Chinese prostitutes in a 'Pink House' or 'Barber Shop'. You won't get a haircut here as these establishments are typical Shenzen brothels. Read more about prostitution in mainland China.

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