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A few years back when I lived in New York, my friend Andy invited me down to Costa Rica for a week long trip. The plan was to start off in San Jose, the land-locked capital of Costa Rica, then head to the west coast to a small surfer town called Dominical. His parents had just purchased 5 acres or “hectors” of land up on a hillside over looking the Pacific Ocean so this was an excuse to go down and have a look for ourselves. Having never been to Central America, or ANY Latin American destination before, I gladly accepted the invite with no idea what to expect in the way of women, sex and adventure.

After the initial headache of getting my passport renewed (I hadn’t been out of the country for several years prior) in New York, I was all set to go. While on the plane, prior to takeoff, Andy and his buddy John, who has been to Costa Rica several times prior, were reminiscing about how much fun we are about to have in San Jose and that the “ho joints” are ridiculous! Immediately my ears perked up—“ho joints” I said? Did I hear that right? “Yeah man”, there are these spots similar to strip clubs but full of beautiful Latin girls from Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and even Colombia. I was like “Word?” This trip sounded fun even without the prospect of hooking up with gorgeous, Latin cuties. But this just sweetened the deal that much more.

So after a decent flight of maybe 5 or 6 hours, I don’t quite remember to be honest, we arrived in San Jose at around 8 or 9pm. Andy’s parents and some friends of theirs headed straight to Dominical so it was just me, Andy and John in San Jose for the first 3 nights of this trip. Like the horny bastards we are, we set our stuff down in the hotel, and immediately hit the streets. We got a quick bite to eat, threw back some beers at a local restaurant near the hotel, and headed straight to their favorite ho joint, a spot called Olympus in downtown San Jose.

My first impression was that this place looked very similar to a large strip club here in the states. The main difference though was how much attention we all got the moment we walked in the door. We are all tall dark and handsome, with the exception of John who was just tall and dark (nothing personal John) so we were getting sweated by the Ticas who worked in the joint. The minute we walked in my boy Andy got swept up by this gorgeous babe with green eyes, a thin but curvaceous little body, nice perky tits and a sweet little ass. I was like DAMN! BASTARD! He chit chatted with her for a few minutes then went upstairs to handle business. Unlike the US, in Costa Rica there is indeed sex in the champagne room! Now I must say that the prices were not indicative of a third world country. Be careful in some of these joints because they will try to rip you off if you are American. One girl asked me to buy her a drink. Sensing that this may be a trap, I asked the waiter how much a glass of wine for the young lady would be. He said $30 per glass!!! I was like “hell no girl, you best get yo ass some tap water if you’re thirsty cuz I aint the one. I can’t stand when people try to rip me off so I wasn’t having it. At that point I was a little turned off at Olympus and wasn’t really feeling it much to be honest. So I sat down at a little table a few rows back from the main stage and had a beer. About 30 minutes later this cute girl from Honduras walks up and asks me if she can sit with me. I said sure and we began to chat in Spanish. I must admit, my Spanish was VERY rusty since I hadn’t brushed up since college. So communication was difficult but we got by. I was able to understand a lot more than I was able to say, which I guess is typical. So anyway, the point was she was into me and I was into her. She looked like smaller version of Ananda, the former MTV hostess with her fine ass.

So after another 30 minutes or so, it was time to blow this joint and head elsewhere. Andy already blew his load and John hadn’t found any Ticas that he was happy with. So we decided to try another spot. Before leaving I asked Ananda to join us as we left and headed to the other spot. She agreed and we were off, me, Andy, John and Ananda headed to Josephines ( I think this was the name although I am NOT 100% certain). As it was already pretty late, this spot wasn’t anything special that I remember. I wasn’t on the prowl though since I had already bagged lil Ananda over here. So John and Andy both found Ticas to join them back at our hotel and we were off. Now just so you know, my girl is about a 7 on a scale of 10 and Andy and John’s girls were 5s or 6s. Andy already had a 10 tonight so I don’t feel bad for him.

So now that we had 6 people, we had to split up and take separate cabs back from Josephines to the hotel. While in the car the subject of “sexo” came up and I let her know that I DO NOT pay for Sexo (sex). Having never paid for pussy in my life, I wanted to see how long I could keep it this way. So she held firm and still wanted to come back to my hotel but wasn’t going to “give it up” without any money. I knew I had all night to work on her, so back to the hotel we went.

We got back to the hotel and John and Andy went straight back to their rooms and I chilled downstairs with Ananda by the pool. We kissed and made out but she still wasn’t going to give it up that easily. So I was patient and just acted content with the occasional deep kiss, grope on the titties or ass and some broken conversation in Spanish while the time passed. It must have been an hour or so of this before we headed back up to the hotel room. We began to make out a little more seriously back at the room and things got hot and heavy. While kissing, I put my hands up her skirt and slipped a finger into her panties and felt a nice wet snatch, the way I like…you feelin me fellas? I knew she was ready. If I started playing with that clit, there was no way she’d turn me away, money or no money. So I began to play with her dripping wet pussy and she went over the edge. She lifted my shirt up over my head, then pushed me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me. More kissing and off came her top. Her nice c cup titties popped out and found their way right into my mouth! How bout that! I sucked on her titties and reached around over her ass to finger that drenched pussy some more. I was gaining confidence and decided to pull her panties down. She obliged and closed her legs so that I could push them down by her ankles. With her practically naked on top of me, I did what any man would do. I pulled down my pants and whipped out the schlong for her to play with. She took the hint and went to town on my jimmy like there was no tomorrow. The head was good, not great but good. She was into it but just not the most talented in the world which was fine. No complaints here, this is free ass my first night in San Jose Costa Rica, who am I to complain? So after a few minutes, I 69 her and start munching on that hot Latina box of hers. I’m a freaky mufucka so having a dripping wet pussy rubbed all over my face is heaven for me. I was eating her box and sucking on her clit while she kept slobbing my knob. This shit felt great and the jimmy was hard enough to cut diamonds at this point. So I reached into the drawer and grabbed a LifeStyles condom and rolled it on. First I put some AstroGlide in the tip though because it brings the sensation closer to the real thing. I flipped her over onto her back and slid into her missionary style for starters. She was loving it as the fingernail marks in my back would be evidence for all to see for the next several days. She was moaning and came in only a few minutes. The pussy was dripping wet and made the sex that much better. The pussy was so good, even through the jimmy, that I had to keep checking to see that it was still on! It felt damn near as good as the real thing! So after a while I go onto my back and have her ride this dick which she did gladly. At this point this was some really passionate sex because we were deep kissing while fucking the entire time. Shit was awesome. I hit it from the back next with her on the edge of the bed and I was standing over the side of the bed. I smacked her ass around for a few minutes in the doggy position but had to quit kinda early with this cuz I was gonna blow a premature nut all over her back if I didn’t quit. So I got back into missionary with her and tried to talk dirty to her in Spanish which I know sounded fucked up but I had to let her know I was her daddy no matter what!! Hahaha. So after a few more minutes, I finally busted my first nut south of the border!!

Check back for my other Costa Rica adventures cuz they don’t stop here. This was only the first day! Gotta luv it. Article composed by Dagger.

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