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Women of the World

Want to see what it's like in foreign lands where the women are exotic, friendly and chase guys like us down the street? We brought our cameras to places like Brazil, Thailand, The Philippines, Cambodia, China, and Colombia to show you exactly how WILD these places are!!

Women of the World

Destination: Thailand

Bangkok - Pop 8.6 Million
Bangkok is an urban paradise for single men. This city has it all, from fine restaurants, to hot thai girls, all for very respectable prices. It's very easy to have fun here, especially if you know where to look. We did a great job of uncovering the hot spots and going undercover with our hidden cams to show you what Bangkok nightlife is all about. Enjoy.

Pattaya - Pop 65,000
Pattaya is a small beach town a few hours drive from Bangkok. Are you willing to pay for se? It is also one of the most fun places a man can go in his lifetime. There are hundreds of beer bars within a few kilometer radius, all packed with thai girls chasing you down the street when you walk by. There is nothing like it on Earth. We had a spectacular time here. The footage speaks for itself. Check it out inside!

Phuket - Pop 100,000

Phuket is a small slice of heaven and is Thailand's top tourist revenue generator, and for good reason. We had a blast here in paradise and can't wait to revisit the Thai girls we met there. Enjoy and don't forget to pay for sex.

Destination: China
Macau - Pop 465,000

Macau is a small gambling island which was formerly owned by the Portuguese. With Casinos everywhere, this town brings in wealthy Chinese gamblers, and mainland Chinese girls who try day and night to get their attention. We got it all on our hidden cameras!

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The most important sex haevens

Many times I heard this question on escort forums before: What is the best place for a sex vacation? While it depends a lot on what kind of women and vacation activities you are looking for, I thought it might be of interest to let you know what our web stats say. Most people come to 4Women of the World who seek information about the following countries:

1) Singapore
2) Colombia
3) Germany

Amazing! It's much more different than the popularity on many other pages where Dominican Republic, Brazil, Thailand and the Philippines rank highest.

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