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Single German Ladies
Find solo ladies from Hamburg, Munich or Frankfurt with photos and personal sexdate stats. These women are looking for casual sex dates, wild one-night-stands, groovy swinger club orgies or just plain romance. In reality: many German ladies on this platform are part time German whores "Hobbyhuren". Might be a fine resource for free sex dates with Frankfurt sluts.

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FKK Safari
A chain of FKK branches close to Stuttgart. Small clubs, but well known in the area: Neu-Ulm, Fellback and Pforzheim. Their website graphics are huge and slow loading. I hope they hire a new web designer to make viewing a bit more pleasant.

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Heaven's Gate
Dorsten's premier FKK club with up to 40 girls and outdoor area. Highrollers might like their VIP suite and budget punter will enjoy Happy Hour discounts.

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German Sex Forum

Ten years ago it started with guestbooks and hosted boards. German sex customers aka "Freier" love to rate prostitutes on message boards and recommend most satisfying experiences with online friends and other forum members. Today, many whorehouses and FKK clubs use those outlets to advertise events, shows and special promos.
Roemer Forum
Highly recommended and well known German prostitution forum dealing about FKK clubs and apartment brothels. The reviews on their very active forum are very precise and discussions are very friendly among similar minded adult mongers from Germany.
Frei Club
Forum and escort review paysite with information and on German escorts and hobby huren who offer risky sex without protection. The information and escort reviews provided on this site are accurately as written by serious mongers who have no fear. There is no STD testing for escorts in Germany, be aware!
Rhein Sex Forum
Dealing with whores and hookers inside the area around Cologne and Duesseldorf. x-check AVS protection to keep kids away from adult content. There is a lot of anal action and fun in Rheinland inside cozy apartment whore houses, FKK and Sauna clubs as well as naughty escort ladies.
Bordell Community
Review board and advertising platform for German cat houses and prostitute sweat shops. This board is very popular. BTW, did you know what 'ficken' means? To fuck. Online translation services will help you to understand dirty German words or ask a Bordell worker to tell you some naughty words if you care.
BW 7
Baden-Wuerrtemberg escort forum and sex brothel reviews. Information on South-West Germany's border state to Austria, Switzerland and France. Joker is taking care of this board for long time, now. It's very popular among mongers and providers in Freiburg and Karlsruhe as well as Stuttgart and Konstanz. 7 stands for the first digit of zip codes in this region.
Frankfurt Forum
Boom and Wolfl, 2 frequent visitors to Frankfurt's brothels, compiled this page about both of Frankfurt's rlds. Maps, pics and a link to their forum. Their Frankfurt brothel forum is a prime source for most recent Frankfurt brothel reviews on Elbe Strasase and Taunus Strasse.

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Berlin Sex Clubs

Once a divided city, Berlin has always been known for small apartment sex clubs with raunchy mood and illegal hookers from Eastern Europe. Times have changed and Germany's capital offers some very high-end sex clubs. Hey, all those politicians need to be entertained since they hardly ever attend senat, cabinet or parliament sessions.
FKK Artemis
New FKK club brothel in Berlin. It is huge and selection of girls is fine. This is not your small next door brothel, but a huge red-light FKK establishment with enormous exposure second to none. It has a lot of competition with many other established Berlin brothels that's why they need to distinguish themselves as a sauna and wellness club rather than a regular whorehouse. It's for the benefit of the customer.
La Folie FKK
First FKK party club in Berlin. It took some time before FKK brothels were established in Germany's capital as they were used to Berlin sex kino and live sex show's ala King Georg before that as well as street hookers on Kurfuersten Strasse. But now, they do have FKK clubs in Berlin, too.
Berlin at Night
Night and red-light guide to carnal German capital. This fucking site is a sex club Berlin escort directory, old fashioned and simple information about prostitution sites in Germany's horny capital. When looking for bordellos here, try "sex Kino" as that's kind of an old style name for a peepshow place with girls who provide handjobs and sometimes more.

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FKK Frankfurt

Everybody knows about Frankfurt's red-light disctricts with eros centers and street whores, but there is more love for rent in Rhein-Main-Gebiet as the area is called. Many luxurious FKK clubs have been established in and around Frankfurt/Main. Here is our short list of longest running sex clubs with naked love servants.
FKK Night & Day
FFK Club in Buerstadt close to Worms and Mannheim and around 65 km south of Frankfurt. Hard to believe this club is doing well. It's located somewhere in a rural area with lots of agriculture. 'Spargel essen' and sex are the best things you can do in this area
FKK Oase
Beautiful FKK sex club inf Bad Homburg, just 20 km north of Frankfurt, one of the best FKK clubs there is. Lots of girls and great outdoor facilities. Always a pleasant place to spend a horny summer afternoon on any day. Some girls are hardcore bitches, check the Roemerforum for most recent reviews of individual girls. However, most chicks are real sweet hearts :-) as they provide bareback blowjobs.
The Palace
FKK club in Frankfurt Hausen that one was used to be called 'FKK Paradies' before. It's located in the North of the city close to the Frankfurt Messe and a viral Autobahn exit north/west cross. Very easy to find when low traffic volume.
FKK World
Huge Hessen sex club close to Giessen (somewhere between Frankfurt and Dortmund). Great place to relax in style. It has it's erotic ups and downs with changing professional ladies, but it's usually a fine experience with large selection of European whores.

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FKK City Clubs
Schwaben FKK Stuttgart
The first FKK sex club in Stuttgart, opened in summer 2001. It's an established landmark on the German FKK club circuit, now. Porsche and Mercedes Benz factories are nearby.
Hot club in Cologne's best part. They are the only FKK that serves alcoholic beverages. Most other FKKs just serve soft drinks to avoid problems with drunk NRW customers.
FKK Sylt
Nuremberg brothel and FKK club. They were the very first whore house in Bavaria to adopt the FKK format. This Franken nightclub's site is available in English and Germans. Franken sex is not that bad after all.
Flamingo Club
One of the few FKK clubs in the southern part of Germany, Ettlingen close to Stuttgart. When you ever pick up a new Mercedes or Porsche car make this FKK your first stop :-)

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Bernd's Sauna Club was the first german FKK club ever. It started a revolution. Previously, brothels were regarded as seedy and deceptive places with high priced drinks and ugly ladies in dark corners, but Bernd decided to create a new format where all ladies would be naked like naturists on the beach (and customers as well). While Bernd has passed away a couple of years ago, his sauna club is still running well and one of the best places for a FKK sex experience. It's located in Hennef (Siegburg) between Koblenz and Cologne.

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