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Chinese Girls of Kowloon

We arrived in Hong Kong in early December 2004 ready to end our trip with a bang. None of us had ever been here before so we were all in for a surprise, no matter what. When landed at Hong Kong International on a flight from Manila early in the evening. We took the forty five minute long cab ride into the city and settled in at the Wharney Hotel in the Wanchai area of town.

Before heading out we took a walk around town, got our cell phones situated and got a bite to eat at a local Chinese restaurant. One things for sure, they don't make the Chinese food the way they make it in the states. Although most people in Hong Kong speak good English, NOTHING on this menu was in English, nor did we recognize any of the dishes. The stuff they eat is a little exotic, to say the least. But we enjoyed the experience, ate and headed back to the hotel so we could hit the streets and try to get into some trouble before the end of the night.

As you can see, we were completely perplexed by the menues. There were like 8 menus all written in Cantonese. We had no idea what the fuck we were looking at. So we ordered all kinds of shit hoping we'd end up with something we liked. We did, the food was great, which was a good thing because we were starvin!

Temple St Night Market

The Temple St Night Market is a must see on your first trip to Hong Kong. It's located in Kowloon which is just accross the river from the Wanchai area of Hong Kong. By ferry boat it only takes a few minutes, same by cab or train. We decided on the ferry since it would be the most scenic.

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After gazing at the skyline and getting our pics, we headed over to the taxi stand to grab a cab over to the Temple St. Night market. We didnt take stills there, but we got video. Check the clip below to get a feeling for what this is all about. You can buy just about anything you want at this market, as long as you're ok with it being a knock off! Prices are unbeatable.

Pimps, Hos and Hong Kong (Kowloon) One Ups!

Due to the extreme undercover nature of our operation in Hong Kong, we don't have the stills that we would have liked. All the establishments are Triad run, which is the equivalent of Mafia in China. Because of this, most of the footage is via hidden cam. See the video clip below. Once I got in the room, the girl was ok with a small camcorder, but under no circumstances could I have risked bringing in a real camera or be seen taking photographs of any kind. What we did was extremely risky and danergous. But member's will get to see the hidden cam footage of how this entire undercover scene works. I even filmed my Chinese girl naked when she got to the room!

So that wraps up Day 1 here in Hong Kong. I'll be adding to this soon.

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