Jakarta M Block Freelancers and Bali Escorts

Indonesia Sex Guide

Indo Sex Index
National sex guide. Upon entering there is a forum opening doors with adverts to hookers and phone sex. Pay attention to their Yahoo group, too - as that is where the real information you seeking is hidden :-P

Blok M Jakarta
Website about the most infamous red-light district in Jakarta. Bars and massage parlours are frequented by expats and tourists who love to hit up Indonesian hookers. Nice read by the Iron Monger.

Batam FAQ
Older sex tourist accounts and hot travel guide for prime weekend party destination Batam on the Riau Islands. This small seedy is known to be a great weekend getaway for sex tourism - very close to Singapore - less than one hour on a ferry.

Single Adult Females
Find hot young Indonesian girls on one of the largest single's databases on the net. Hot single women post their sexy images on this site to find casual sex dates. Why else would they expose themselves and their naked ass here?

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Sex Massage Jakarta

Sex Work Jakarta
Entertaining accounts about erotic massage parlors in Jakarta. Must read for newbies when heading to Jakarta even if it is a bit dated by now. MPs are called health centers and they are located inside fivestar hotels. The attentands are reknown for their special massage skills.

Padlock for Masseuse
It's some time ago this article was published by Reuters news agency. Local government in Indonesia's East Java province wanted to curb prostitution by asking masseuses to wear a padlock on their pants. It sounds like ancient times when emperors padlocked iron panties of their wives and daughters to make sure they wouldn't have sex with others.

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Jakarta Escorts

Jakarta Escorts
Female escorts in Indonesia's capital Jakarta and in Kuta, Bali, too. They offer VIP Jakarta Escort out-call Hotel Service for a fixed price. They are renting residences and Villas for exclusive vacations. Prices are very high compared to Thailand or Philippines.

Expat Special Massage
Dated massage parlor accounts from a spa in Jakarta where a lot of expats enjoy the nightlife every day. It's like a paradise. It's from the year 2000, but Indonesia is still well respected for it's great massage shops that make men happy at the ending.

Indo Sex Cams
Maybe you will never make it to the Islands or you want to make a date in Asia with an Indonesian camgirl? It's uncertain if any of those camgirls actually comes from Jakarta or Batam, but they seem very friendly and open for real sex encounters or just cyber sex.

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Prostitution in Indonesia

Indo Hookers
Written ex vacation reports from Indonesia's adult nightlife with images of actual hookers. It includes information about the Kuta/Bali scene in addition to the typical Indonesian destinations like Batam and Jakarta. Actually, most of it is about karaoke, disco freelancer and massage parlor hooker scene from Batam.

World Sex Guide
Some older tidbits from the World Sex Guide about prostitution in Jakarta. It deals about Jakarta massage parlors and the freelancers around the infamous Block M, previously the biggest red-light district in Asia.

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Indo Sex Diary

This motherfucka is crazy. Online diary of a European or American tourist in Jakarta. He visits brothels and health centers for recruitment of porn actresses. They participate in rather mechanical hardcore movies and that's it. The nice thing, it's a pretty good documentation about what kind of performances to expect from Jakarta sex workers. Some do pretty well, while others are just Okay. Worthwhile watching. Just don't join the paysite. You don't even want that guy to make money off of hookers, don't you.

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Indo Sex Factbook

Indo Sex Factbook
Interesting research and facts about prostitution in Indonesia. This piece of information is rather dated. It was one of the first online resources about adult entertainment from the Islands.

Indonesia is the World's largest Muslim country in Asia. Unlike Arabic countries it does not outlaw sexually questionable behavior like prostitution, but regulates adult nightlife activities in areas that would compare to red-light districts or brothel compounds elsewhere. However, they do have issue with open display of sexual acts as this writeup about Indonesian porn laws shows. Some might remember their closure of Indonesian Playboy edition when premier edition was supposed to hit newsstands.

Female Sex Tourism
It's always been known, but a taboo theme: women engage in sex tourism as much as men do! An Canadinan online TV magazine recently ran a documentary on Canadian women who visit Bali, Indonesia for the sole purpose of having sex with beach boys, so called Kuta Cowboys. It's a similar sex scene to Jamaica and Tunisia.

Wikipedia Kuta Cowboys
Although factual accuracy of many Wikipedia articles is disputed, they do try to cover a lot of topics that others won't touch. Feminists always insisted there is no such thing as female sex tourism, but there is and Wipipedia is just one tiny evidence that is blowing into their faces. Sex hungry females flock into Dominican Republic, Kenya, Indonesia and Cuba for one and the same reason: to find a lover for a night or week. Compensate them with gifts and money. Some of them even decide to settle at their travel destination to get married with their interracial partners. Girls just wanna have fun!

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