Tijuana brothels Mexican escorts

Foro Sexo Mexico DF

Mexican escort forum providing information about outcall ladies in Mexcio's capital. The board provides a platfrom for discussions about commercial prostitution in the city and beyond.

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Cancun Escort

Wildest spring break parties and upscale accommodation. There is large demand for exotic Mexican escort in Cancun's highrise buidlings where lot's of moneys are exchanged for sexual pleasure every day.
Mexican Escort Mall
Girls and gigolos for hire in Cancun, Mexico City and Monterrey. Pricing is rather upscale. Escort malls seems to become more and more popular in Central America, just like in South American and Spain. Nice to browse Cancun escort girls with images from home.

Zona Divas
Online escort pictures for easy navigation. About 100 Mexico City and Cancun escort listings available as erotic companions including hot black pearl Kaena.

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Mexican Hooker Forum

Nogales Hooker Intro
Very simple and conclusive introduction to whores, hookers and brothels in Nogales, the Mexican bordertown coming from Phoenix, AZ. It's a newbie guide providing a map of bars and images of Mexican love hotels. Horny Gringos love that place.

Ladies of Nuevo Laredo
Prostitution message board about old brothel scene in Mexico. You need to register to become a member and access discussions about Mexican whores. This site still has a nice core of hard mongers.

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TJ escorts

Tijuana escort agency with online photos and descriptions of their available Mexican female escorts that are based in Baja, just a few miles away from San Diego, CA.

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A famous sex joint in Tijuana with attached short time hotel where you can spend romantic time with the Tijuana whores by the hour. Probably the simplest Mexico brothel website you ever see. This place is an epic meeting point for Mexican hookers and their customers!

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Tijuana Hookers

Tijuana's Zona Norte is full of vice and easy women. Many Mexican hookers solicit for prostitution as Tijunana hookers and it's believed to be North America's biggest red-light disctrict where cross-bordering Americans go for booze, girls and sometimes for guys that dress like girls and wear lipstick. Redsnake was there first.
Tijuana Hookers
Prostitute reports from infamous Mexican border town Tijuana. Bang to bang field reports with blow-to-blow TJ experiences of seasoned whore mongers who know the trade in and out. Their whore accounts seem to be a bit dated, but offer a nice starting point for further research.

Tijuana FAQ
This page on dexterhorn.com provides a comprehensive introduction to sex and fun in TJ, specially about "La Coahuila" the Zona Norte RLD.

Club Hombre
Popular Mexican escort board about Tijuana and world wide. Registration is mandatory. They are also known as 'Club Hombre'. It's a membership only site. Fees are very moderate and well worth the information it contains about sex in Mexico and many other countries around the globe. A solid bookmark for mongering in Mexico!

Juan's Tijuana
Juan'sis designed to give newbie and veteran Tijuana (TJ) visitors info to ensure a safe and happy experience in TJ. Focus is pointing on red-light district Zona Norte, but we will also give you an overview of TJ as well. It's a paysite. They offer guided exotic tours to Tijuana Mexico as well.

TJ Amigos
Escort board community about sex in Tijuana's dark places. Find a drinking buddy and field reports from serious Mexico mongers before you head south the border. It's always good to research good information to share opinions with others. Help to avoid rip offs and disappointments as things change fast down in Mexico and it can be dangerous for noob Gringos.

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Mexican Girl Finder

Find horny single Mexican chicks and part time prostitutes on this dating site with profiles of nude girls. Some of them are real amateurs who want get laid for free while others are just other Mexican whores lol.

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Mexican Spa Massage

Viva Mexico Spa
Recreational style Mexican health spa with sauna and massage parlor in Tijuana's Zona Norte. Their 'beauty services' are listed in all detail.

Luxxor Massage
Juarez' first exotic massage parlor. The images onsite show scantily clad erotic Juarez girls surrounding a bubbly jakuzzi bath. That's how heaven looks south of the border. Ain't far away from El Paso, New Mexico.

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