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Dutch Girl Finder
Many part time hookers and sexually active singles and couples advertise here, some even with explicit nude pix. Maybe you can find a free sex date with some of those hot Dutch amateur chicks from Haalen, Eindhoven or Rotterdam. Utrecht whores and Maastrich sluts ain't bad either.

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Dutch Brothels

Prostitution is available all over Netherlands. Each city has a couple of intimate brothels, some of them are luxury dorms, others are raunchy apartments with no taboo. Others are discount brothels on a commercial scale only seen and Jan Bik, the Wallmart of Dutch nightclubs.
Jan Bik Whorehouses
Cheapest whore house in Amsterdam at around 70 Euro per hour. Girls seem to be less attractive than in other clubs. They have Jan Bik branches in other towns like Harleem, Klein Usda, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Apeldoorn, etc. Topless handjobs are the cheapest sexual satisfaction during happy hour. I guess most customers expect and want more than just a hand massage when visiting a Dutch hooker.
Amersfoort Prive
Locals know this establishment as Park 118. Nicely equipped residential home in Amsterdam with warm hearted and caring ladies of the night. Branches in Amersfoort, Utrecht, Hilversum offer the same erotic services.
La Cloche Utrecht
An Utrecht brothel. Luxurious rooms where to relax with their girls. Very bid beds - an invitation to have sex with more than one lady of the night :-P

Pleasure Place
Prive brothel in the vicinity of Den Hague: Scheveningen. It certainly does not look like a whorehouse from outside, but it's pretty cozy and luxurious once you put foot inside. This RLD establishment features 5 fairly attractive ladies in their mid twenties.

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Casa Rosso
Live broadcasting of sex shows from the RLD in Amsterdam. Casa Rosso has been a starting point for many Dutch porn stars at the beginning of their Euor and global hardcore career. According to their website, Casa Rosso was cleared by the administration and is allowed to remain in business with daily live porn shows on it's stage.

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Sex as currency
Prostitution is legal in Holland with prostitutes openly advertising their services in newspapers and online. Providers have to pay income tax on their earnings from sex. One could think that using sex as a currency would be illegal because - not because it is prostitution, but it would cut out provisions of licensing and tax obligations. However, Dutch parliament voted for this being legal. From now on, students who want to learn driving may pay their teachers by selling them sex in return rather than cash.

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Hookers NL
Greatly used message board with lots of discussions about Dutch hookers from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and other red-light districts (RLD) in Holland and the rest of the World. One of the most active monger boards in the world. It beats many international sex guides by activity. Bookmark, now!

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Club Paradise
This club offers a nice venue for swingers and friends of gangbangs in Amsterdam Noord. Sparkling atmosphere for easygoing couples and single men & women. Luxury Paradise to relax and share sensual pleasure.

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