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Blogging has become a fine trend for people to post their diaries, opinions and findings. Some mongers and adult webmasters post their experieces about sex in the Philippines.
Filipina Archives
Genuine Filipina amateur models are the main focus of this Philippine sex blog. The webmaster is an intimate friend of Manila beaver and knows to distinct between what's real and fake. Excellent background information about sexy girls, dating, webcams, bars and cheap Filipina sex. This info is from all over the Pilipinas including Cubao, Quezon City, Las Pinas and Dumaguete
Harry The Horse
Gossip about life and bars in the Philippines. Long time residents and tourists enjoy Harry's monthly news. Easy to be informed about everything in and outside of nightlife. Most info is from Pampanga and Subic with a little addon from Cebu on accassion

Mango Girls
Manila casting blog with free Filipina pics. This blog features casting pictures of Manila amateurs who apply for work in Filipina sex chat studios. Very cute and natural girls of fine Davao girlfriend quality and they do show a lot of bare Pinay skin in Puerto Galera, Makati and Boracay.

Amateur girlfriend wears nothing buy a panty. Typical Filipino sex blog photo.

Blogging about adult themes is rather popular in the Philippines. Many locals love to share stories on hosted sites in Tagalog, Visayan or Taglish about sex scandals. Almost everything that includes nudity, even partial boob slips and upskirts with blured images from cellphones and small digicams get shared on blogs and social networks as sex scandals. They make it more famous to claim depicted persons were celebrities like actors and singers. Another way to increase popularity of Filipino blogs is to claim lewd scenes from observation cameras in government offices or high ranking officials of high value companies. Internet searches can reval a lot of those thing, but most are of very low quality and lies, while better quality blog are usually of a more commercial background produced by foreigners and their spouses, hookers or mistresses.

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