Philippine Bars with Hot Bargirls

Raids in Angeles City

Many airlines stopped flying to Clark airport. Why? The Philippine government follows radical steps into eliminating prostitution from Angeles City. Many tourists who came to Angeles for barhopping and party, but they are left with fear of being arrested while drinking a beer in a legal Filipino restaurant. The recent change of course has been implemented by the fundamentally flawed idea all sex work is human trafficking - even worse: talking about sex is considered human trafficking. Freedom of speech or freedom of being able to chose your own profession are no longer civil liberties.

Over the past year or so more than twenty bars have been raided. In most cases everybody present was arrested until they proved their innocence. Even customers have been arrested and they were being held against their will in disregard of Philippine laws that do not allow police to hold people over an extended period of time without a court order. In other words: in has become rather dangerous to visit the bars of Angeles City. It's even become dangerous to walk on the streets. Forget your passport and you might end up in jail for days.
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