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Prostitution in Russia

Before traveling to en expensive city on the World circuit like Moscow, it is well advised to check out Russian hooker reports on online sexguides. It's free information that provides information of value.
Moscow Hooker Guide
Some very old accounts from sex tourists and sleazy sexpats who have spent time on exploiting the commercial sex workers in Russian whorehouses, sex clubs, saunas and freelancer pickup spots. Read their experiences blow by blow and decide where to find a Moscow cunt for your pleasure.
Moscow Sex Guide
Directory of sex in Moscow and nude photos of sexy Russian girls. It's a start item to find many Moscow related prostitution, sex clubs and porn sites. You could also use Yahoo or Yandex and search for 'Moscow whores'. I think this sites needs some updates with more resources soon.

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F Sauna
Classic and erotic massage as well as steambath and sauna. A traditional place for Russian men to relax and do their sauna/massage thing with sexy Moscow girls. Bringing business partners along helps do achieve better business relationships.

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