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Basel is not the only conservative city in German part of CH. Conservative because many people still use ads to find sex partners for casual sex. Come and read classifieds with photos and intense offers. Plenty of BDSM and kink stuff on offer for Sado/Maso enjoyment.

SAZ Kontakter (website closed)
Homepage of a print magazine for erotic fun in Switzerland. They offer advertising of Swiss sex clubs from all over the country. SAZ is short for 'Schweizer Sex Anzeiger'. They offer a clickable sex map for each Swiss Sex Kanton (state).

Sexy Sites
Listings of salons, nightclubs and other adult entertainment venues in Switzerland (German). You gotta scroll down all the way to the bottom to find the links to Basel salons and other Swiss brothels as the top page is full of dating ads.

Sex Salon
Red-light guide for Switzerland. You may download pdf-files and digital business cards. The salons featured on this site offer maps and driving instructions. Pretty simple Swiss red-light guide with paid ads.

Popular Swiss sex online-magazine. Actually, it's just nothing but an order form for their printed Kontakt magazine that you may also purchase in bookstores and kiosks.

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Swiss Escorts at XDiva

An impressive escort portal with ads from many parttime and fulltime escorts from all over Switzerland. Each ad shows up as a large thumb on the homepage leading to a detailled protfolio of each provider. The images are great an the texts available in French, Eglish, German and Portuguese. The section with women from the Frnech part of the country are interessting in particular. The top menu reveals catgerories for trannies and studios, too. Surfing xDiva makes you want to spend more time in the care of a Swiss provider.

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Basel Sex Clubs

Studio Kim
Sexy Swiss SM lady offers to torture horny and obedient customers for money. Meet her inside her Basel sex klinik. Private dungeons are called "Klinik" in Switzerland similar to medical facilities. You will certainly enjoy the sadistic and dominant care of Kim and her staff while visiting.

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