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Where to find Filipino Street Whores

Usually, hookers from the Philippines work out of bars, beer houses or massage parlors. Other sources for sex dates include online dating and Filipina webcams. Street whores are rather difficult to find. First of all because it's considered low security and second because it's a crossdresser's and shemale domain. Yes, you hear that right: most street walking prostitutes from Philippines are not women, but men who dress in women's dresses or ladyboys.

shemale streetwalker
From Angeles City next to Phillies bar: Bakla street whore, a crossdressing guy in women's dress solicits for prostitution

Filipinos call them parlor girls (because many of them work in beauty shops). Foreigner named them Billyboys and girls just call them Bakla (gay). Anyhow, if you are lucky, you may still find a female hooker on the streets, but you have been warned. Popular spots for street walkers in the Philippines:

  • Makati: area around Burgos Street, Kalayaan Ave and Makati Ave
  • Angeles City: Raymond Street in front of Phillies Sportsbar
  • Cebu: Mango Square and front of Robinsons Mall
  • Be certain to check IDs and age of street walkers. They are known to cause inconveniences to tourists resulting in setups with questionable law enforcement officials.

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